Sermons - Stuart Olyott

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Old Testament New Testament Topical Notes

Old Testament Catalogue

Genesis 1-11
The Origins: Creation to Babel (1977)
Here is the foundation on which everything in the Bible is built. If your foundation is poor, or your understanding of it is poor, then inevitably what you build on it will indeed be shaky.

GEN01 Introduction to Genesis 1-11 Genesis 1:1-13
GEN02 The fact of creation, first 3 days & the word 'day' Genesis 1:1-13
GEN03 The last 3 days of creation & theory of evolution Genesis 1:14-31
GEN04 Sabbath day instituted, creation of Adam in Eden Genesis 2:1-17
GEN05 Animals named, Eve created, creation Ordinance & God's covenant Genesis 2:18-25
GEN06 The sad history of the fall of man Genesis 3:1-8
GEN07 Sin, ruin and the sinners Redeemer Genesis 3:9-24
GEN08 Sin effects them and their descendants also Genesis 4:1-26
GEN09 Adam's genealogy, the Godly minority preserved Genesis 5:1-32
GEN10 Enoch & the power of his walk with God Genesis 5:18-24
GEN11 The preparation for the worldwide flood Genesis 6:1-22
GEN12 The worldwide flood is a fact of history Genesis 7:1-24
GEN13 God delivered godly Noah & destroyed the ungodly Genesis 8:1-22
GEN14 Gods covenant with Noah, all mankind & its sign Genesis 9:1-29
GEN15 Gods record of the origin of all nations shows us all we are one race Genesis 10:1-32
GEN16 Tower of Babel, origin of languages & Seth's genealogy to Abraham Genesis 11:1-32