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Genesis 1-11 - The Origins: Creation to Babel     (1977)

Here is the foundation on which everything in the Bible is built. If your foundation is poor, or your understanding of it is poor, then inevitably what you build on it will indeed be shaky.

Genesis 11-25 - Abraham       (1974)

We should study Abraham because he is the Fore Father of both the Jewish Nation and of all Christian Believers.  Also, Abraham is 70 times spoken about in the New Testament, with only Christ, Paul & Peter are spoken of more times, for God wants us to learn many Lessons and Doctrines from his life, and it was through the line of Abraham that the Saviour of the world came.

Jesus in Genesis 1-6     (Caergwrle 2022)

Series still in progress.

Genesis 1:1-13 Introduction to Genesis 1-11  Genesis 1:1-13 The fact of creation, first 3 days & the word 'day'  Genesis 1.1-5 The Light in Genesis  Genesis 1:14-31The last 3 days of creation & theory of evolution  Genesis 2:1-17 Sabbath day instituted, creation of Adam in Eden  Genesis 2:18-25 Animals named, Eve created, creation Ordinance & God's covenant  Genesis 3; Two had wounds  Genesis 3; Jesus in Genesis; Two had wounds  Genesis 3:1-8 The sad history of the fall of man  Genesis 3:9-24 Sin, ruin and the sinners Redeemer  Genesis 4:1-26 Sin effects them and their descendants also  Genesis 5; Enoch walked with God  Genesis 5:1-32 Adam's genealogy, the Godly minority preserved  Genesis 5:18-24 Enoch & the power of his walk with God  Genesis 5;21-24. Enoch walked with The God  Genesis 6:1-22 The preparation for the worldwide flood  Genesis 6:1-7:16 Sin,   Judgement, Grace  Genesis 7:1-24 The worldwide flood is a fact of history  Genesis 8:1-22 God delivered godly Noah & destroyed the ungodly  Genesis 9:1-29 Gods covenant with Noah, all mankind & its sign  Genesis 10:1-32 Gods record of the origin of all nations shows us all we are one race  Genesis 11:1-32 Tower of Babel, origin of languages & Seth's genealogy to Abraham  Genesis 11:27-12:5 Acts 7:2-4. Intro to the Life of Abraham the father of all the faithful and His Call  Genesis 11:27-13:4 The man of God is not perfect  Genesis 13:1-14:24 The problem of prosperity  Genesis 15:1-21 Fear and Faith, Abraham the representative of all believers  Genesis 16:1-17:22 God's Silence, God's Delay & God's Covenant  Genesis 18:1-33   Abraham at home & at prayer  Genesis 19:1-29 Lessons from the Contrast between Abraham and Lot  Genesis 20:1-21:21 Three lessons for ourselves and three things about the character of God  Genesis 22:1-19 The Testing and Blessing of Abraham  Genesis 1;1-5 Jesus in Genesis: The Light in Genesis.  Genesis 4;1-16 Jesus in Genesis: How to come to God.  Genesis 4.1-16 How to come to God  Genesis 5;21-24. Jesus in Genesis: Enoch walked with God.  Genesis 6;1-7;16 Jesus in Genesis: Sin, Judgement, Grace.  Genesis 5;1-32 (5;18 & 21-24) Enoch; A light in a dark place  Genesis 5;1-32 (5;18-24) Enoch; How Holy on earth a saved sinner can be  Genesis 5;1-32 (5;18-24) Enoch; Understanding Holiness  Genesis 5;21 & 24. Enoch; Walking with God  Genesis 5;1-32 (21-24) Enoch; How holy can a saved sinner be.

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