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Job     (1969)

We come to the oldest book known to man, a great literary work, but above all, a book which every Christian should read as it should be a great blessing on our lives. It speaks about God, our Redeemer, providence and much more, let us find fellowship with.

Job 1:1-22 Job's Affliction.   Job 2:1-3:26 Job's cry of despair to God.   Job 4:1-5:27 Eliphaz & Job talk about Suffering.   Job 9:1-35 Bildad speaks & Job longs for a mediator.   Job 11:1-14:22 Zophar & Qualities of a Godly man’s heart.   Job 15:1-21:34 2nd series of talks & Job's Faith in God.   Job 29:1-31:40 3rd series of talks & what True Godliness is.   Job 32:1-37:24 Elihu speaks on the Nature & Character of God.   Job 38:1-41:34 God speaks to Job.   Job 42:1-17 Repentance, Reconciliation & Restoration.

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