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Daniel - Dare to Stand Alone     (1979)

In an age of pressure to compromise, Daniel and his friends dared to stand alone. Would we?

Daniel 1:1-21 Say No to Compromise with Evil.   Daniel 2:1-49 God's Word Is True & History is in God's Hands.   Daniel 3:1-30 The Irresistible Force Meets Three Immoveable Objects.   Daniel 4:1-37 God Is Sovereign, Controlling all things.   Daniel 5:1-31 What must I Do to be Lost?   Daniel 6:1-28 We Must Obey God Rather Than man.   Daniel 7:1-28 The Vision of the four beasts.   Daniel 8:1-27 The Little Horn.   Daniel 9:1-27 The Great Discovery, Prayer & Revelation.   Daniel 10:1-21 Daniel Sees a Glorious Vision.   Daniel 11:1-20 History Is His Story.   Daniel 11:20-45 Antiochus Epiphanes.   Daniel 12:1-13 The End.

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