Children’s Story Bible     (1997, 1998)

A series given to the children of the Church, where Stuart Olyott works through the Old Testament story of God and His dealings with mankind. Covering the stories of Creation to the Tabernacle (Genesis & Exodus)

God Is (Before this world was made) Genesis 1, God made man with a soul Genesis 1-2, God made woman & the two trees Genesis 2, The fall of mankind when they Disobey God Genesis 3, Gods punished them putting them out of Paradise Genesis 3, Adam to Enoch Genesis 5, Noah's ark Built Genesis 6, The tower of Babel Genesis 10-11, Birth of a son for Hagar Genesis 15-16, Birth of Isaac Genesis 17-18, Abraham pleads for Sodom Genesis 18, Isaac & Ishmael Genesis 20-21, Isaac offered as a Sacrifice Genesis 22, Sarah died & A wife is found for Isaac Genesis 23-24, Rebekah comes to be a wife for Isaac Genesis 24, Christmas Story Quiz Matthew 1-2, Jacobs Marriages & Sons births Genesis 29-30, Jacob told by God to go home Genesis 31, Jacob meets Esau Genesis 33-35, Joseph’s dream & sold as a slave Genesis 37, Joseph imprisoned Genesis 39, Joseph made Prime Minister Genesis 41, Joseph meets His brothers  Genesis 42, Joseph’s brothers go home Genesis 42, Joseph meets Benjamin Genesis 43, Jacob goes to Egypt Genesis 45-47, Jacob blesses Pharaoh Genesis 45-47, Jacob blesses the lads & dies Genesis 48-50, Moses is born & adopted by Pharaoh's daughter Exodus 2, Moses and Aaron meets Pharaoh Exodus 5-6, Plagues Blood Frogs & lice Exodus 7-8, Plagues of Flies Cattle dieing, boils & Hail Exodus 8-9, Death of all Egyption first born Exodus 11-12, God sent water from the rock & the battle won by prayer Exodus 17, The Giving of the 10 Commandments Exodus 19-20, No one has kept them Exodus 20-24, The Golden calf Exodus 32, The Tabernacle tent church Exodus 36, The meaning of the Tabernacle Exodus 37-38, The opening of the Tabernacle Exodus 39-40