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Ecclesiastes     (1978)

Ecclesiastes means the Preacher, written by the son of David, a man of great wisdom & riches, a great builder, who taught knowledge and wrote proverbs clearly it was King Solomon. Written from two different viewpoints first half from the position of the unenlightened unconverted man looking at life drawing conclusions about life and behaviour. In the second half from the view of a man who has been enlightened by God, so full of Assurance and Hope and finally in last two verses from God view point. Showing Life has no meaning at all, it is completely pointless unless it is lived for God therefore seek after God. (Note No 2 noisy)

Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 Intro to the book & its author & things to note.   Ecclesiastes 1:12-3:15 Intellect, Pleasure, Hard work are not the key to life, Without God there is no satisfaction.   Ecclesiastes 3:16-5:20 Life without God is futility we should worship God for His Gifts.   Ecclesiastes 6:1-8:13 The futility & waste of time hoping in wealth. The wisdom of the fear of God which is worthwhile.   Ecclesiastes 8:14-12:7 The futility of living to enjoy yourself & lessons about wisdom & the Purpose of life to serve God.  

Song of Solomon  -  A Lord Worth Loving     (1978)

This is a midweek series of studies on the best of Solomon's songs. In it we see Christ, we learn how much Christ loves his people, and that the love of Christ is to be received and to be returned.

Song of Solomon 1:1-17 Introduction & Method of Interpretation.   Song of Solomon 1:1-3:5 Love First Expressed, Courtship Days.   Song of Solomon 3:6-5:1 Love Experienced, The Wedding.   Song of Solomon 5:2-6:3 Love Tried, A troubled dream of separation.  Song of Solomon 6:4-8:14 Love Triumphant, Mutual Love.  

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