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Stuart Olyott

Stuart Olyott (b. 1942) [his audio testimony is below] began his pastoral ministry at Poplar Baptist Church, London, in 1964 after studying at London Bible College and receiving his first degree from the University of London.  He has received several other degrees since.. His Liverpool pastorates at Belvidere Road Church occupied the periods 1967 -1982 and 1991 -1999. The intervening years were spent preaching the gospel in French in Lausanne, Switzerland, and pioneering new churches in both France and Switzerland. Since 1999 Stuart has spent his time lecturing in seminaries, pastoring pastors in Wales and elsewhere, and helping churches in trouble. These ministries continue, although Stuart has been semi-retired since 2008.  Married to Doll in 1970, he became a widower in 2017.  He and Doll have eight sons, as well as grandchildren too numerous to count! 

Preaching both expository and topical material from within the Reformed tradition, Stuart Olyott displays a consistently high standard of clarity and power. His sermons are so well prepared that the structure is easily followed. There has been a steady demand for recordings of his sermons. Letters and e-mails received by the church during and after his pastorates have often come from people who have never met him, many of whom live outside the U.K.

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Inevitably Stuart has been invited to address meetings and ministers' conferences both within Britain and abroad. Since 1970 he has preached and lectured in over two dozen countries besides his own. He has written a steady flow of articles on doctrinal questions and aspects of preaching and pastoral theology. These now total about one hundred and fifty in various magazines. His thirteen major books are models of presentational clarity. Some are Bible commentaries; others cover doctrinal and practical themes; all are edifying and very readable, as are his booklets. He has also translated Calvin's Breve Instruction Chretienne into English as 'Truth for all Time' (Banner of Truth. 1998). This brief outline of the Christian faith was first published in French in 1537. Stuart Olyott did the universal church a notable service by this work


For any achievement Stuart Olyott would be the first to insist that the triune God must receive ALL the glory.


This recording of Stuart Olyott's testimony was recorded in 2007 when preaching in USA. (Time: 35 mins).

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