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Isaiah     (1976)

This book deals with the Suffering and Glory of the coming Christ. (NB: Isaiah has some microphone knocking noise).

Isaiah 6:1-13 An introduction to Isaiah & the book.   Isaiah 6;1-13. Here am I send me.   Isaiah 6, 9:1-7,9-13 Commission & predictions of a new era in Galilee.   Isaiah 11:1-16 Predicts Christ, His kingdom & the call of the gentiles.   Isaiah 40:1-31 Gods people comforted by speaking of Christ.   Isaiah 42:1-25 Christ & His work, Praise to God & reproof for the Jews.   Isaiah 49:1-26 Christ speaks of His Commission from God, His people are not forgotten, God cares & will save.   Isaiah 51;6. (50;10-51;11) Now, then, and afterwards.    Isaiah 52:13-53:3 God will send the Christ & He will be humbled & exalted.   Isaiah 53:4-12 The Sufferings of Christ.   Isaiah 53:10-12 The suffering & glory of Christ & His seed who serve Him.   Isaiah 55:1-13 The free offer of the gospel.   Isaiah 60:1-22 Speaking to Gods remnant of the Glories of the Christian.

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