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Jeremiah     (1993, 1994)

In this series we learn lessons from the life of a man of God. Here we see the sinfulness of sin and that without true repentance God's judgement is certain. Here also we see God's care for true believers.

Jeremiah 1:1-19 His Call.   Jeremiah 2:1-3:5 His first Sermon.   Jeremiah 5:1-31 Enemies within.   Jeremiah 7:1-8:3 A message to those who like sinning.   Jeremiah 26:1-24 Faithfulness.   Jeremiah 12:1-17 When Evil is Everywhere.   Jeremiah 17:5-18 How to prosper in a spiritual recession.   Jeremiah 18:1-23 You are the Potter, I am the clay.   Jeremiah 20:7-18 A Man of God from the inside.   Jeremiah 36:1-32 Your Word is settled in Heaven.   Jeremiah 35:1-19 This way to Blessing.  Jeremiah 27:1-28:17 Be Warned.   Jeremiah 51:1-64 The Fall of Babylon.   Jeremiah 21:1-14 Dashed Hopes.   Jeremiah 34:8-22 The Peril of Counterfeit Repentance.   Jeremiah 37:11-38:28 What to Expect.   Jeremiah 39 & 45 God's Fierce Anger: God's Gentle Care.   Jeremiah 44:1-29 We Change & He does not.

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