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Psalms     (1981-2019)

Over the years Stuart has spoken on the Psalms a number of times, these into this treasure chest of the song book of scripture, sampling some of the many precious jewels it contains. A soul searching and heart-warming experience. In the Psalms we see that true religion is not outward, but in the heart, what we believe, what we feel and what we do. The Psalms teach us to walk with God in whatever situation we find ourselves in. The Psalms are applicable to each and everyone of us.

Psalm 1:1-6 The Secret of Spiritual Prosperity.   Psalm 1:1-6 A Formula for Blessing.   Psalm 1:1-6 A Teaching Psalm.   Psalm 1:1-6 Joy, Joy, Joy!   Psalm 2:1-12 Christ and his Kingdom.   Psalm 2:1-12 The last laugh.   Psalm 3:1-8 Peace in the Storm.   Psalm 4:1-8 A Day in the Life of a Man of God.   Psalm 5:1-12 The believer in a hostile world.   Psalm 6:1-10 The believer broken & mended.   Psalm 7:1-1 When the church seems doomed.   Psalm 8:1-9 Lost in Wonder.   Psalm 8:1-9 The Viceroy of God.   Psalm 9:1-20 Safely through another year.   Psalm 10:1-18 When God hides Himself.   Psalm 11:1-7 When you feel like getting out.   Psalm 11:1-7 Walk or run.   Psalm 12:1-8 When time are bad.    Psalm 13:1-6 How true Faith Behaves.   Psalm 14:1-7 The world as God sees it.   Psalm 14:1-7 What God Says About Foolish & Wise People.   PSALM 14; A Christian got to do what a Christians got to do.    Psalm 14. The Fool has said in his heart.   There is No God; God & the Richard Dorkins generation.   Psalm 15:1-5 The Way to Heaven.   Psalm 16:1-11 A song of satisfaction.   Psalm 16;1-11 (Vs11) Fullness of Joy.   Psalm 17:1-15 When you are attacked.   Psalm 18:1-27 When we look back.   Psalm 18:28-50 Todays battle and the last battle.   Psalm 19:1-14 Knowing God.   Psalm 19:1-14 Knowing God.   Psalm 19:1-14 Nature, Scripture and me.   Psalm 20:1-9 No battle needs ever be lost.   Psalm 21:1-13 A song of victory.   Psalm 22:1-31 The suffering of Christ & the glory that followed.   Psalm 22;27 The Future of Christianity.   Psalm 22:1-31 A Messianic Psalm.   Psalm 23:1-6 The Lord is tender.   Psalm 23:1-6 He's all I need.   Psalm 23:1-6 Our Shepherd, Host & God.   Psalm 24:1-22 From earth to heaven.   Psalm 25:1-22 The A-Z of guidance.   Psalm 25:1-22 A lesson in prayer.   Psalm 26:1-12 When tongues wag.   Psalm 27:1-14 You can live like a giant... If you cry like a child.  Psalm 27:1-14 The ups and downs of the Christian life.   Psalm 28:1-9 Prayer is like the rainbow.   Psalm 32:1-11 True Happiness.   Psalm 32:1-11 Basic questions answered.   Psalm 34:1-22 Through all the changing scenes of life.   Psalm 37:1-40 God's Word to His people in a materialistic age.   Psalm 37:1-40 Every Christians problem.   Psalm 40:1-17 A Believer Speaks.   Psalm 42:1-11 The heart of a godly man exposed.   Psalms 42; & 43; When we are down, Hope in God.   Psalm 44:1-26 An example to follow.   Psalm 44;1-26 Revival. (pt. 2).   Psalm 47:1-9 Selah, Selah. Selah!   Psalm 51:1-19 What is a Believer to do when he sins?   Psalm 51:1-19 A Penitential Psalm.   Psalm 51:1-19 There's a way back to God...   Psalm 61:1-8 Safe under God's   Protection.   Psalm 62:1-12 When enemies surround you.   Psalm 63:1-11 A Devotional Psalm.   Psalm 63:1-11 True Spirituality.   Psalm 63:1-11 Why every Christian prays.   Psalm 73:1-28 Why do the ungodly prosper?    Psalm 73;22-28.   The Christian Life Has a Past a Present and a Future.    Psalm 73;1-28 (vs28a) Drawing near to God, the path of Prayer.   Psalm 76:1-12 How to greet blessing.   Psalm 86:1-17 A Supplication Psalm.   Psalm 90:1-17 A godly man thinks about death.   Psalm 91:1-16 The Lord's Special Care for His People.   Psalm 104:1-35 A Nature Psalm.   Psalm 104:1-35 A Believer looks at Creation & Providence & praise His God.   Psalm 106:1-48 A History Psalm.   Psalm 107:1-43 Will God help me in my impossible situation.   Psalm 114:1-8 The Exodus, Gods presence with His people.   Psalm 115;1-18 Forsaken, Pleading for God’s Presence with them.   Psalm 119:1-8 The excellence of God's Word.   Psalms 120, 121, 122. Pilgrim Psalms.   Psalm 123:1-4, Psalm 124:1-8.   Psalm 123: In Trouble, Psalm 124: Out of Trouble.   Psalm 129:1-8 Can the Church survive?   Psalm 135:1-21 A Hallelujah Psalm or a call & cause to praise.   Psalm 139:1-24 The Omniscience of God.   Psalms 140:1-13 An Imprecatory Psalm.   Psalm 145:1-21 How to Praise the Lord.   Psalm 146:1-10 A Hallelujah Psalm.   Psalm 147:1-20 The Immanent & Transcendence of God.   Psalms e.g., 58:10, 68:21, 69:22-28, 79:12, 109:1-31, 137:8-9, 139:19-22.   Imprecatory Psalms - Matthew 5:44.  

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