The lives of Elijah and Elisha


Elijah - 1 Kings ch 17 - 2 Kings ch 2     (1978, 1979)

Despite all the wickedness and evil around him and his own felt weakness Elijah made an indelible mark for God in his generation and nation. Why? Because Jehovah was his strength. Will you learn from the life of Elijah and make a mark for God in this generation?


Elijah - 1 Kings ch 17 - 2 Kings ch 2    (2018) 

Preached at Caergwrle Evangelical Church

Elisha - 2 Kings ch 2-9     (1982)

Elisha is a character rarely preached on. There is twice as much about Elisha in the Bible as there is about Elijah, but somehow or other the weight of preaching almost always seems to follow and fall on Elijah. This is a series filled with day to day practical lessons for all Christians. Elisha was a hard working man, who trained for ten year along side Elijah, He was a faithful man of God who trusted in his God and persevered to the end, and taught other young men to teach others to serve God.