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Where do we go from Here?     (1982)

What does the future have in store? Many people claim to know about the future, but even amongst professing Christians there are often different ideas. This series looks at a number of subjects and finds out what the Bible has to say.

Death. Psalms 90:1-17.   The Intermediate State Part 1. Luke 16:19-31.   The Intermediate State Part 2. Psalms 73:1-28.   Signs of the Second Coming. Matthew 24:1-51.   What about Israel? Romans 11:1-36.   What is the "Millennium"? Revelation 20:1-15.   The Second Coming. Matthew 24:36-25:13.   The Resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.   The Judgement. Matthew 25:14-46.   The Final State of the wicked. Luke 12:14-48.   Heaven. Revelation 21:1-22:7.

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