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From time to time questions are asked about copyright. This page has been provided in order to provide some answers to these questions.

Stuart Olyott

All the sermons (and any associated sermon notes) on this media are copyright © Stuart Olyott 1967 - 2024.

Stuart Olyott has expressed his conviction that all Christian ministry must be carried out in line with the spirit of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who expressed it in this way: "Freely you have received, freely give" (Matthew 10:8).

Individuals are free to copy this material in an unedited form, on condition that it shall be a free and unconditional gift to others. That they should not be distributed without permission of Stuart Olyott and this material shall also carry the words © Stuart Olyott, followed by the detail of the year in which the recording was made.

Know Your Bible Recordings

The design, layout, and coding of all the component files and folders that go together to make this website are copyright © Know Your Bible Recordings 2024. People should not be distributed without permission of Know Your Bible Recordings and this material shall also carry the words © Know Your Bible Recordings 2024.

The team at Know Your Bible Recordings are always encouraged when we hear of these sermons being a blessing to others across the world.  We would like to be able to continue to make this material widely available for as long as is possible.  Unfortunately there are costs associated with preparing this material, maintaining and hosting the web site, etc., which we finance through sales of recordings.  We are not a profit making organisation, and it isn’t our policy to appeal for funds.  So if, in using this website you feel you would like to make a contribution towards the work, this may be done via the website. 


‘To God alone be the glory.’

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