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The Pulpit  - Handling the Word     (1996)

Over the years Stuart has preached on various aspects of preaching in the pulpit at different meeting. Covering how to make the Word applicable and what errors to avoided.

Making preaching memorable.   Putting eyes into people’s ears.   Tailoring the message.   A word to preachers and their wives.   Vice versa!   Logic, rhetoric and ethos (1).   Logic, rhetoric and ethos (2).   Don't be a boring preacher’s (1).   Don't be a boring preacher’s (2).   Don't let Luther's error be yours.   Be truthful.   Be varied.   Be bold.   Preaching that gets through - God's Word and our words.   Move them!   Confront them!   Get them to pray.   What is Preaching Part 1. 1 Corinthians 1;17-2;5.   Another look at Preaching Part 2. 1 Corinthians 1;17-2;5.   Advice on How to Prepare a Sermon Advice on How to Prepare a Sermon.   The Whole Bible & Expository Preaching And a ten-year preaching plan.   Is Expository Preaching Realistic? Is Expository Preaching Realistic?   The Call to the Ministry the man & his Church. 1 Timothy 3;1-7.   Know Your Bible Know Your Bible.

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