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Mark  - Peter's Eye Witness Account     (1996, 1997)

In these studies we are invited to share in the thrill of Peter's eye witness account of Christ's works, particularly those leading up to the Messiah's death.

Mark Gospel.  (2023)    [ Preached at Caergwrie Evangelical Church ] 

Peter's eye witness account of Christ's works, particularly those leading up to the Messiah's death.

Mark 1;1-45   Suffering Is Where Jesus Lives.   Mark 1;1-3  The Beginning of the Gospel.  Mark 1;4-13  Jesus Came.   Mark1;14-35  Jesus came to Galilee.   Mark 1;35-2;12   Throughout all Galilee.   Mark 2;13-3;6   Four criticisms, answers, & lessons.  Mark 3;7-19  The many & the few.   Mark 3;19-35   The parable of the Sower.    Mark 4;1-20Friends and Family and Foes.   Mark 4;21-34.   Five Vital lessons   Mark 4;35-5;20   Two contrasts.    Mark 5;21-6;6    He touched me!   Mark 6;7-29   Contrast after Contrast.    Mark 6;30-56   Christ is the Answer.   Mark 7;1-23   The heart is what matters.     Mark 7;24-37   Two Answers to Prayer.   Mark 8;1-26   Consider Him.     Mark 1:1-20 The stage is set & Christ comes onto the stage.   Mark 1:21-45 Him & Us. (5 lessons about Christ & 5 for us).   Mark 2:1-22 The Gospel is different. [In its Priorities, Targets, & Forms].   Mark 2:22-3:19 Enemies and Friends.   Mark 3:20-35 Three blunt questions.   Mark 4:1-20 How spiritual work is done.   Mark 4;1-20 Think Work Weep Dance.   Mark 4:21-34 Great spiritual principles taught in pictures.   Mark 4;35-41 Wind and Waves obey him..   Mark 4:35-5:43 O Look & Come to the Man who is God.   Mark 6:1-29 This way to Hell.   Mark 6:30-56 What care! What power! What teaching!   Mark 7:1-23 True religion not tradition & keep your heart.   Mark 7:24-8:10 He uses His power for Others.   Mark 8:11-38 Four lessons in Christ's school.    Mark 9:1-29 On the mountain & in the valley.   Mark 9:30-50 This is how the Kingdom ticks.   Mark 9;30-37 & 10; 35-45. You can touch a life.   Mark 10:1-31 The mind of Christ. [On Divorce, importance of Children, Troubled Soul & Wealth].   Mark 10:32-52 On the way to Jerusalem.   Mark 11:1-21 Three glimpses of the future. [World's End, Jews, Gentiles].   Mark 11:22-26 Matthew 18:21-35 Making the impossible happen.   Mark 11:27-12:12 Some people just do not want the truth.   Mark 12:13-34 Three clever traps.   Mark 12:35-44 Who He is & What He Sees.   Mark 13:1-37 An overview, What the Olivet discourse is about.   Mark 13:5-23 The destruction of Jerusalem.   Mark 13:24-37 Those days" and "That day".   Mark 14:1-26 Three tables. [plotting, critical & Lords Table].   Mark 14:27-52 Failure, betrayal, mystery.   Mark 14:53-72 Holiness & wickedness.    Mark 15:1-32 Total rejection, Kingly silence.   Mark 15:33-16:8 Death, burial, resurrection.   Mark 16:9-20 He Lives!

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