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Luke     (1977)

Luke's gospel to the Gentiles is the New Testament's fullest historical record of Christ's life on earth. The record has many wonderful stories, tender encounters with despised individuals, with women and children and essential teaching on prayer and the Holy Spirit. A particularly helpful series for younger Christians.

Luke 4:14-44 Introduction & The Authority of Christ Words.   Luke 5:1-6:16 Who is Jesus? What is He Saying & Who is He Calling?   Luke 9:18-50 Christ, His Cross and Us.   Luke 10:1-24 Important Lessons for Christian Workers.   Luke 11;14-26. (Vs21-26) Three houses in the same street.   Luke 12;13-21 What about your soul?   Luke 12:13-34 Our Attitude to Material Possessions.   Luke13;1-9 Unless You Repent.   Luke 14;25-35 The faults of Christians today, our great Mistakes.   Luke 17:1-37 Six Qualities a Christian Must Cultivate to be Spiritual.   Luke 18;9-14 The Parable of the Pharisee & the Tax collector.   Luke 18;9-14 Parable of the Pharisee & the Publican.   Luke 19:47-20:26 The Question of Authority.   Luke 22:14-46 Why Christ Must Die & Why We Must Pray.   Luke 23:26-49 The Reaction of Those Present at the Crucifixion.   Luke 24:1-53 The Reaction of Those Witnesses to the Resurrection.

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