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The Lord Jesus Christ     (1978)

This series encourages the believer to gaze at the Lord Jesus Christ in all his glory; to ponder his nature, character and work. Pastor Olyott solemnly warns us that without this constant 'looking unto Jesus' we will not finish the race. Highly commended as essential listening.

Introduction. Hebrews 11:17-12:3.   Pre-Existence. Genesis 18:1-33.   Birth. Luke 1:26-38.   Childhood. Luke 2:1-40.   Youth & Early Manhood. Luke 2:40-52.   Baptism. Matthew 3:1-17.   Temptation. Matthew 4:1-11.   Humanity. John 1:1-18.   Manliness. Matthew 23:13-33.   Sinlessness. John 8:1-11.   Prayer Life. John 17:1-26.   Deity. Matthew 16:13-23.   Two Natures. John 20:19-29.   Miracles. Mark 1:27-34.   Teachings. Luke 14:25-15:32.   Humility. Phil 2:1-15.   Transfiguration. Matthew 17:1-8.   Agony. Matthew 26:36-46.   Trial. Matthew 26:5-75.   Silence. Mark 14:53-65.   Cross. John 19:17-37.   Resurrection. Matthew 27:38-28:20.    Ascension. Luke 24:36-52.   Intercession. Hebrews 9:19-10:25Hebrews 9:19-10:25.   Advent. Matthew 24:36-25:30.

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