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John 13-17 - That Last Evening     (1994)

We are very privileged to have these five unique chapters, to be where the disciples were, and be in on the most intimate and moving conversation of the Son of God. We walk on very holy ground as we spend time with our Lord and his disciples on that last evening before Christ's crucifixion. This is a series that will stir our souls and cause us to want to love him more.

John 13:1-17 The Servant King.   John 13:18-38 Disciples - False & True.   John 14:1-11 Jesus, Jesus all sufficient.   John 14:12-14 Be Sure of This.   John 14;15 & 21-24 Love, Obedience and Manifestation.   John 14:15-24 Our Unasked Questions.   John 14:25-31 Peace in the Storm.   John 15:1-8 The Vine & the Branches.   John 15:9-17 Fourfold Love.   John 15:18-25 The World Hates You.   John 15:26-16:15 The Holy Spirit & His Work.    John 16:16-33 Approaching Gethsemane.   John 17:1-5 The Lord Jesus Christ prays for Himself.   John 17:6-19 The Lord Jesus Christ prays for His disciples.   John 17:20-26 The Lord Jesus Christ prays for all believers.

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