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John     (1979, 1980)

Hear clear and challenging messages on "the profoundest book in the world". John's record is a unique gospel account of the three and a half years he spent listening to "the Lord of glory".

John     (2019)

Preached at Caergwrle Evangelical Church

John 1:1-18 A Profound Summary of the Truth.   John 1:19-34 Jesus Christ, Who He Is, Why He has Come.   John 1:35-2:12 His First Disciples.   John 2:13-3:21 A Sign & Three Things Which Follow.   John 3;14-15. (Numbers 21;4-9) Why Jesus Christ Gods Son came into this world.   John 3:22-26 A Question, Answer & Explanation.   John 4:1-42 The Journey, The conversation & The Outcome.   John 4:43-54 A Tale of Two Towns.   John 5:1-47 The Healing at Bethesda.   John 6:1-21 A Day in Christ's School.   John 6:22-40 I Am the Bread of Life.   John 6:41-71 The Reaction to His Claims, 'I am the bread of life'.   John 6;41-71. (Vs 66 - 68) Do you also want to go away.   John 7:1-53 Come See Who Christ Is.   John 8:1-59 Five Great Truths about Christ.   John 9:1-41 Jesus Is God, The Giver of Physical and Spiritual Sight.   John 9:39-10:42 The Good Shepherd & His Sheep.   John 11:1-54 God Glorified in the Raising of Lazarus.   John 11:55-12:42 Jesus, Your Enemy, A Celebrity or A Friend?   John 13:1-38 Jesus Gives an Example & A New Commandment.   John 14:1-14 Come Know & Work for The Father Through Christ.   John 14:15-31 Christ's Gift to His People.   John 15;1-8.   The Secret of Living the Christian Life.   John 15:1-27 Our Relationship with Christ, Each Other & The World.   John 16:1-33 What to Expect Before Christ's Second Coming.   John 17:1-26 The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed.   John 18:1-19:16 Teachings About Christ & Man.   John 19:16-42 The Darkest Hour in History.   John  20;19-31   A soul refreshing view, on two Sunday evenings.   John 21;1-25.   A soul refreshing view. at breakfast on  the beach.   John 20:1-21:25 Seven Surprises.   John 1:1-18 Four words to treasure.   John 2:1-12 Trust and obey.   John 4:19-42 Truly converted people.   John 5:16-30 The Voice that raises the dead.   John 6:41-71 Do you also want to go away.   John 7:37-38 Dry throats and flowing rivers.   John 8:1-12 Darkness dawn and sunshine.   John 9:1-41 What do you see.   John 10;1-30 (v30) Pessimism or Optimism.   John 10:14-31 Christ's sheep.   John 10;22-42. The Good Shepherd's sheep.   John 11:17-44 Jesus wept.   John 12:1-28 Die - and live.   John 12;20-36. That last Tuesday.   John 13:1-17 The secret of happiness.   John 13:36-14 11 Let not your heart be troubled.   John 14:1-14 We don't need a way to the Way!   John 14:15-24 A living bright reality.   John 15:1-8 Abiding in Christ.   John 16:1-15 The work of the Holy Spirit.   John 17:1-26 Loved with everlasting love.   John 18:1-40 The king of the Jews.   John 19:1-42 Where He was crucified there was a garden.   John 20:1-18 There's believing.... and there's believing.   John 20:19-31 Jesus came.   John 21:1-25 Stranger on the shore.

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