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James (1st Series) - Holiness, Practical Christianity     (1981)

The Apostle James writes to all believers a blunt and fast-moving letter to put us straight, because he cares for us. Reminding us of our duty and encouraging us to go on in the faith. He tells us that true faith is demonstrated in holiness which is all about practical Christian living, effecting our deeds, words and thoughts.

James (2nd Series)     (1995)

Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. In this blunt, fast moving letter James speaks to straighten out faults in our lives, defects in our attitudes and perversions in our thinking. We have got to give this series our attention.

James 1:1-8 Introduction & How to meet Trials.    James 1:9-18 Don't see things as others see them.    James 1:19-27 Two Ingredients of Christian Living.    James 2:1-13 Favouritism - what, why & how to avoid it.    James 2:14-26 Believe the right things. & Behave the right way.    James 3:1-18 Paul deals with Speech & Strife.    James 4:1-10 More about Strife.   James 4:11-17 Conversation, Anticipation & Omission.    James 5:1-12 A Word to the Rich & A Word to the Church.    James 5:13-20 The Importance of Prayer & Care.    James 1:1-11 Patience, prayer, humility.    James 1:12-20 Two great principles.    James 1:21-27 The place of God's word in a believer's life.    James 2:1-3 Say 'No' to worldly thinking.    James 2;1-13 Do the word & don't be a wrongly respecter of persons.    James 2:14-26 The emptiness of mere words.    James 3:1-2 All about the tongue.    James 3:13-18 Not all wisdom is true wisdom.    James 4:1-10 The open road to spiritual health.    James 4:11-17 Don't take this road.    James 5:1-12 Christian counter-culture.    James 5:13-18 Pray always pray.   James 5:19-20 Spiritual wandering.

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