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God the Father Son and Holy Spirit.

These single talks are all about God the Father, or about The Lord Jesus Christ God the Son, or God the Holy Spirit and His work in the lives of Christians.

The Existence of God 'GOD IS' Hebrews 11;6.   The Sovereignty of God in the Salvation of Men & Women. Romans 9;8.   Only God Understands God. Acts 2;23. Genesis 50;15-21.   The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9;10. Psalms 34;1-22.   God First, the very 1st thing God wants us to know. Genesis 1;1-2;3.   Who is this Jesus Christ? Matthew 21;10. Luke 24;1-53.   The Saviour describes Himself, the Suffering Servant King. Isaiah 50;1-11 & John 1;1-18.   We beheld His Glory, 3 Striking Verse & Statement about Christ John 1;1-18 (1;1 & 14 & 18).   Jesus Christ is Lord. Philippians 2;4-11. Isaiah 6;1-8.   The Son of God, Loved Me and Gave Himself for me. Galatians 2;20b. Isaiah 52;13-53;12.   Words you cannot ignore. Matthew 7;13-14. & 25;1-13.   What Christ is doing know. Hebrews 1;1-2;4.   The Second Coming of Christ. John 14;1-3.   The holy fire. Luke 3;16. Acts 2;1-4 & 14-21  Holy Spirit, Who He is and What He does. John 14;15-18, & 25-27.   When He has come. John 16;5-11. (16;8-11). Ezekiel 37;1-14.   Asking for the Holy Spirit. Luke 11;5-13 (13b). John 15;18-16;15.   Asking For, The Holy Spirit. Luke 11;1-13.   Is the Holy Spirit at work. John 16;7-11.   The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Believers Life. John 14;16-26.

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