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Church History    

This Series is called "The story of the Church" given to inform Christians of what has happened in the past, so that we can learn from them. For it is important that we are not ignorant of the Christian Churches history. (Sadly, the first talk on Tertullian of Carthage the quality of the voice is poor)

1. Tertullian of Carthage.   2. Athanasies. 230AD - 318AD.   3. Augustin of Hippo.   4. Anselm of Canterbury.   5. Martin Luther part 1.   6. Martin Luther part 2.   7. John Calvin.   8. The Great Ejection 1662.   9. George Whitefield & the Great Awakening.   10. C H Spurgeon & the downgrade controversy.   11. The Ecumenical Movement.   12. Introduction to the Puritans.  Psalm 119;97-105

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