1 Peter     (1992)

1 Peter teaches us basic Christian truths of faith and salvation etc, that we need to know. It teaches us how to live as Christians and prepares us for suffering. This is an ideal series for new Christians, giving a good foundation for the Christian life.

1 Peter (2021-22) Caergwrle Evangelical Church. 

Peter is writing to Christian in an increasingly hostile world, he reminding them of the blessing, trials and joys of the Christian life, So in every chapter he makes mention of Christ and His cross, teaching us that it's Christ and His cross, that is to make us different as Christians, to those around us in the world.

2 Peter     (1977)

The intention of Peter's letter is to improve the spiritual health of believers by encouraging us to have a better knowledge of God through his Son. Peter, as the original spokesman of the apostles, addresses us with the Lord's authority. Listen to this series and take the 'tonic' it offers.