They met the Master     (1996)

Jesus met many people from different backgrounds, social and religious standings. How did he deal with them, what principles can we learn in treating others? Join us as we meet the Saviour in these talks.

The Master they met. John 1:29-51.   The leper. Mark 1:40-45 (Luke 5:12-16).   Matthew / Levi. Matthew 9:9-13 (Mark 2:13-17).   The Samaritan Woman. John 4:1-42.   Jairus. Luke 8:40-56.   The father and son in the valley. Mark 9:2-29.   The rich young ruler. Mark 10:13-22.   Pontius Pilate. John 18:28-19:16.   Mary Magdalene. John 20:1-18.   Cleopas and his friend. Luke 24:13-35.   Saul of Tarsus. Acts 9:1-31