So now you are a Christian     (1998)

Now you are a Christian, you must change from being self-centred to be Christ centred, you have to go on changing to become more like your Saviour. Your aims, your motives, your love, must all be for Christ, these changes result in Obedience to Christ. This series will go on to show just how it must affect every area of your life.

What has happened to you? John 3:1-21.   Are you sure? 1 John 1 :1-2:4 & 4:20-5:5.   How will you manage to keep it up? Genesis 32:22-32, Daniel 6:10.   Who is going to rule your life? Luke 9:57-62 & 14:25-35.   Are you going to keep it to yourself? John 9:1-41.   What now you are a Christian? Matthew 25:14-30.   Do you know how to listen? James 1:19-27, 1 Peter 1:19-25.   Are you learning to pray? Matthew 6:5-15.    What to do when the world treats us unkindly? 1Peter 3;8-17.