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Old Testament New Testament Topical Notes

Old Testament Catalogue

Survey of the Old Testament (1979,1980)
As its title suggests, this series was intended as an introduction to and overview of the Old Testament.
Accompanying notes
Genesis 37-50
Joseph (1975, 1976)
Learning valuable lesson as we go along looking at the history of this man of God the means of keeping the Messiah line alive. Like Christ his life is divided into two, Humiliation and Exaltation, Going through many trials ending up in Glory, So we see that all things work together for good, We see God's word is sure and comes to pass O how wonderful gracious is the Providence of God in the life of this man of God.

Genesis 1-11
The Origins: Creation to Babel (1977)
Here is the foundation on which everything in the Bible is built. If your foundation is poor, or your understanding of it is poor, then inevitably what you build on it will indeed be shaky.
Genesis 25-50
Jacob (1995)
We share with Jacob the same failings, the same hopes, the same sorrows and the same mistakes. Yet God made something of him!
Genesis 11-25
Abraham (1974)
We should study Abraham because he is the Fore Father of both the Jewish Nation and of all Christian Believers. Also Abraham is 70 times spoken about in the New Testament, with only Christ, Paul & Peter are spoken of more times, for God wants us to learn many Lessons and Doctrines from his life. Also it was through the line of Abraham that the Saviour of the world came.
Children's Story Bible (1997/8)
A series given to the children of the Church, where Stuart Olyott works through the Old Testament story of God and His dealings with mankind. Covering the stories of Creation to the Tabernacle (Genesis & Exodus)
Old testament Stories (2013)
Here we have 11 great stories from the Old Testament which are actual history, where Stuart Olyott takes us through the unfolding revelation of God's plan in a simple and straightforward way.
Leviticus - Its Offering & Feasts (1980)
The shadows, pictures and types of this book provide a perfect foundation for our understanding of the gospel.
Deuteronomy (1992)
Deuteronomy is Moses' farewell address. In it he sets before us the alternative paths of obedience and disobedience.
Judges (1979)
In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes. A cycle of sin, punishment, a call for help and a deliverer (judge) from the Lord. On the recordings there are a number of buzzes which hopefully will not detractv from the message.
Big Doors Swing on Small Hinges (2008)
Ruth takes place during the time of the Judges. It is about one family and their relationship with each other and God. It teaches us that our life is in the hand of God, it will lead us to Christ and throughout there are lessons for each of us.
Samuel, Saul and Us (1997)
Ancient Israel is weak, grossly immoral and idolatrous. God provides for His people in His kingly mercy to prevent utter ruin. He did it then: He is doing it now. The study of this book should increase your faith in God's rule in history for His glory and the safety of His people.
David, A Man After God's Heart
1 Samuel ch16 - 2 Samuel ch24 (1996)
A look over the life of a remarkable man: shepherd and king; poet and soldier; king's champion and outlaw. But most importantly he was a man after God's own heart.
2 Kings ch 2-9 : Elisha (1982)
Elisha is a character rarely preached on. There is twice as much about Elisha in the Bible as there is about Elijah, but somehow or other the weight of preaching almost always seems to follow and fall on Elijah. This is a series filled with day to day practical lessons for all Christians.
1 Kings ch17 - 2 Kings ch2 (1978,1979)
Despite all the wickedness and evil around him and his own felt weakness Elijah made an indelible mark for God in his generation and nation. Why? Because Jehovah was his strength. Will you learn from the life of Elijah and make a mark for God in this generation?
The Last Days of Judah (2013)
The period from 750BC to the exile is often overlooked by Christians. In this series we will be seeing something of the history of the times and apply lessons to our lives.
Esther (1978)
Here is a book in which God's people are threatened by a wicked man, but while men are planning the downfall of God's people God is already three steps ahead. It is a book where we see the providence of God at work and where Gods sovereignty and mans responsibility are found working side by side. This series was not completed due to sickness, but we believe will be a blessing and help to all who hear it.
Job (1969)
We come to the oldest book known to man, a great literary work, but above all, a book which every Chistian should read as it should be a great blessing on our lives. It speaks about God, our Redeemer, providence and much more, let us find fellowship with.
Psalms (1981)
Some occasional dips into this treasure chest of the song book of scripture, sampling some of the many precious jewels it contains. A soul searching and heart warming experience.
Psalms 1-29 (1991,1992,)
The beginnings of a series intended to deal with each psalm in this much loved wonderful book God has given us to help, comfort and keep us in the right way.
Ten sorts of Psalms (2012)
In the Psalms we see that true religion is not outward, but in the heart, what we believe, what we feel and what we do. The Psalms teach us to walk with God in whatever situation we find ourselves in. The Psalms are applicable to each and everyone of us.
Proverbs (1981)
We all need to live our lives in the fear of God in a way which pleases God. This collection of pithy, easy to remember sayings will help us.
Ecclesiastes (1978)
Ecclesiastes means the Preacher, written by the son of David, a man of great wisdom & riches, a great builder, who taught knowledge and wrote proverbs clearly it was King Solomon. Written from two different view points first half from the position of the unenlightened unconverted man looking at life drawing conclusions about life and behaviour and In the second half from the view of a man who has been enlightened by God, so full of Assurance and Hope and finally in last two verses from God view point. Showing Life has no meaning at all, it is completely pointless unless it is lived for God therefore seek after God. (Note ECC02 noisey)
Song of Solomon
A Lord Worth Loving (1978)
This is a midweek series of studies on the best of Solomon's songs. In it we see Christ, we learn how much Christ loves his people, and that the love of Christ is to be received and to be returned.
Isaiah (1976)
This book deals with the Suffering and Glory of the coming Christ. (NB: Isaiah has some microphone knocking noise).
Jeremiah : Lessons (1993,1994)
In this series we learn lessons from the life of a man of God. Here we see the sinfulness of sin and that without true repentance God's judgement is certain. Here also we see God's care for true believers.
Ezekiel (1974)
An introduction to the man, the time and the book, seeing why a man who has Gods word must speak it and why we must hear it. Here we how we should interpret the prophesy in the book concerning Israel.
Dare to Stand Alone (1979)
In an age of pressure to compromise, Daniel and his friends dared to stand alone. Would we?
Hosea (1997,1998)
Get to know a minor prophet of the Old Testament and learn about the heart of God's character in relation to his rebellious people, Israel. Is there hope for the backslider? Just how long suffering is God? Can the sinner go too far down the path of rebellion? This book answers some of these most painful spiritual questions.
A Message of Judgement and Hope (1978)
In a prosperous and morally sick society riddled with religious hypocrisy God raised up his fearless and blunt servant to pronounce imminent judgement. Here we learn that the living God who loves righteousness and hates iniquity does not leave sin unpunished indefinitely.
God and the successful failure (2010)
The following talks were preached at Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, Pennsylvania during the Reformed Baptist Family Conference.
First things first (1971)
Haggai is a word of rebuke to those who are discouraged and will not work to build up God's house, God tells them to give themselves to the work of building up the temple, he encourages them and give them a precious promise that He will never to leave them. Will you give yourself whole heartedly to God's work? You are the temple of the living God, are you building your temple for His glory?
Zechariah (1995)
There is probably no book more suited to our life as Christians in the 21st Century as this book. Calvin said of this book that he knew of no book which was more relevant, which spoke more clearly to his times, and where his courage was renewed. This is an encouraging series for discouraged Christians.
Malachi (1971, 1978)
A Book for Backslides who had no business to be backsliders for they had Godly examples, but they had forgotten God and how to worship God aright. They still mostly had an outward show of following God but live just like the world. He pleads with them to repent and return to God. It also shows us the importance of the older believers to passion there vision and zeal to the up and coming generations so that the work would continue. (Note MAL04 noisey)