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New Testament Catalogue

Acts - They Got Converted (1994)
Thirty five years have gone by since Christ's resurrection. Luke records what Christ continued to do by his Holy Spirit in the conversion of individuals. Pastor Olyott focuses on selected conversions and how they apply to us now.

TGC01 The Lord added to the Church daily Acts 1:1-2:47
TGC02 Many heard the Word and believed Acts 3:1-4:31
TGC03 They believed the teachings of Jesus Christ Acts 4:32-5:42
TGC04 They were obedient to the faith Acts 6:1-7:60
TGC05 They went everywhere preaching the Word Acts 8:1-40
TGC06 When God Converts (God is in control) Acts 9:1-30
TGC07 All may receive the Word of God and be saved Acts 9:31-11:18
TGC08 Pesecution cannot stop Gods Word from spreading Acts 11:19-12:24
TGC09 All appointed to eternal life believed Acts 12:25-13:52
TGC10 Gathering together they reported what God has done Acts 14:1-15:35
TGC11 They turned the world upside down Acts 15:36-17:15
TGC12 As he preached some believed and joined them Acts 17:16-34
TGC13 Many hearing believed and were baptised Acts 18:1-22
TGC14 The Word of the Lord grew and prevailed Acts 18:23-19:41
TGC15 Preaching the whole counsel of God Acts 20:1-38
TGC16 Saved and zealous for keeping the law of God Acts 21:1-36
TGC17 Chosen of God to know His will & witness for Him Acts 21:37-22:29
TGC18 You are immortal till your work is complete Acts 22:30-23:55
TGC19 He witnessed of the sure hope in God his Saviour Acts 24:1-27
TGC20 We preache a living Saviour alive for evermore Acts 25:1-22
TGC21 The almost Christian & the Christian Acts 25:23-26:32
TGC22 Are you persuaded?, do you believe in Jesus? Acts 27:1-28:21